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Console Manuals: Coleco ColecoVision

The ColecoVision is Coleco Industries' second generation home video game console, which was released in August 1982. The ColecoVision offered near-arcade-quality graphics and gaming style along with the means to expand the system's basic hardware. Released with a catalog of 12 launch titles, with an additional 10 games announced for 1982, approximately 145 titles in total were published as ROM cartridges for the system between 1982 and 1984.[1] River West Brands currently owns the ColecoVision brand name. In 2009, IGN named the ColecoVision their 12th best video game console out of their list of 25, citing "its incredible accuracy in bringing current-generation arcade hits home."

This is a collection of manuals for ColecoVision cartridges.


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Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Centipede (1983)(Atari)
Topics: bug, centipede, blaster, mushroom, frenzied, blasters, lumping, scorpion, centipedes, scurrying,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Tarzan (1982)(Coleco)(en-fr)
Topics: tarzan, dans, sur, des, une, jungle, les, pour, est, vous, les singes, game system, appuyez sur,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Burgertime (1984)(Coleco)(M5)
Topics: chef, een, foes, die, vous, het, und, peter, les, hamburger, voedsel vreters, video game, chef...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Looping (1983)(Coleco)
Topics: game, cartridge, plane, coleco, skill, controller, warranty, points, plugged, video game, game...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Frontline (1983)(Coleco)
Topics: enemy, tank, skill, game, player, coleco, action, keypad, soldier, light tank, control stick, heavy...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Jumpman Junior (1984)(Epyx)(M5)
Topics: jumpman, sie, het, und, die, cbs, junior, een, votre, wenn, game system, colecovision video,...
Console Manuals: Coleco ColecoVision
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PackCopy v1.1 (1985)(Sage Enterprises)
Topics: packcopy, data, option, copy, disk, pack, program, software, instructions, smartbasic, data pack,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Carnival (1982)(Coleco)
Topics: coleco, rack, tor, cartridge, game, gallery, score, pipes, bear, bear rack, side button, game...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Congo Bongo (1984)(Coleco)
Topics: sam, bongo, mole, safari, coleco, cartridge, rhino, game, congo, side button, safari sam, game...
Electronic Flashcard Maker (1984)(Coleco)
Topics: deck, key, smart, press, cards, misses, electronic, command, smart key, press smart, digital data,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Super Action Controller Set Users Manual (1982)(Coleco)
Topics: controller, console, coleco, controllers, unit, warranty, game, super, controller set, pistol,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Dr. Seuss's Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler (1984)(Coleco)
Topics: puzzle, level, skill, characters, seuss, keypad, space, pieces, game, piece, white box, space...
2010 - The Ultimate Text Adventure (1985)(MGM - United Artists Entertainment)
Topics: key, press, game, data, pack, mission, labels, adventure, command key, disk, digital, data pack,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Bump 'n' Jump (1984)(Coleco)
Topics: racer, game, coleco, jump, module, controller, press, opponent, expansion, cartridge, control...
Console Manuals: Coleco ColecoVision
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Pitfall! (1983)(Activision)
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Mr. Do's Castle (1983)(Parker Brothers)[a]
Topics: unicorns, levels, points, castle, bonus, product, blocks, parker, brothers, earn, red unicorns,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show (1984)(Coleco)
Topics: coleco, cartridge, warranty, implied, programs, press, purchase, warranties, liable, limited...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (1982)(Coleco)(FR)[Schtroumpfs]
Topics: petit, les, pour, vous, des, est, jeu, sur, etape, cbs, pour deux, appuyant sur, jeu cbs, branche...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Brain Strainers (1984)(Coleco)
Topics: press, clef, button, keypad, note, match, game, computer, coleco, notes, side button, press keypad,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Tutankham (1983)(Parker Brothers)
Topics: parker, archie, archies, burial, press, keypad, product, game, brothers, parker brothers, laser gun
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Evolution (1983)(Coleco)[a]
Topics: vous, pour, sur, les, des, une, niveau, jeu, vos, dans, left side, development corporation, skill...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Boulder Dash (1984)(Telegames)
Topics: jewels, rockford, boulder, boulders, cave, enchanted, amoeba, butterflies, exit, escape, escape...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Beamrider (1983)(Activision)[a]
Topics: enemy, beam, sector, ship, minas, vou, pari, saucers, ether
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Looping (1983)(Coleco)(M6)
Topics: vous, avion, het, das, del, und, votre, een, die, una, groene druppels, gate open, votre avion, das...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Fortune Builder (1984)(Coleco)[guide]
Topics: ski, income, build, fortune, constructed, nearby, properties, cottages, restaurants, crowds,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Motorcross Racer (1983)(Xonox)[a]
Topics: race, motocross, xonox, motorcycle, crash, mph, speed, desert, elapsed, lor, play action, elapsed...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Sector Alpha (1984)(Spectravideo)
Topics: penetrators, penetrator, spectra, missiles, spectravideo, sector, game, defender, radar, robot,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Venture (1982)(Coleco)
Topics: cartridge, game, coleco, dungeon, treasure, winky, controller, plugged, tor, ihe controller, game...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Cosmic Avenger (1982)(Coleco)
Topics: cosmic, cartridge, game, avenger, player, controller, warranty, irom, ufos, control stick, game...
Console Manuals: Coleco ColecoVision
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Mr. Do! (1983)(Coleco)
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Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Heist, The (1983)(Micro Fun)
Topics: graham, crackers, screen, art, remaining, micro, jump, unlock, museum, tour, graham crackers
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Rocky Super Action Boxing (1983)(Coleco)(M5)
Topics: clubber, een, het, rocky, vous, die, votre, und, auf, lang, auf die, appuyez sur, clubber lang,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Frogger (1983)(Parker Brothers)[a]
Topics: frogger, hop, parker, points, floating, river, frogs, game, sidewalk, warranty, parker brothers,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Rolloverture (1983)(Sunrise Software)
Topics: triple, conveyor, joystick, game, runs, notes, rolling, color, iho, rolling note, conveyor belt
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Pepper II (1983)(Coleco)
Topics: pepper, bonus, enclose, roaming, game, maze, cartridge, tracks, zipper, bonus prize, roaming eyes,...
Console Manuals: Coleco ColecoVision
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Donkey Kong Jr. (1983)(Nintendo)
Topics: junior, game, press, jump, screen, skill, climbs, vines, pack, control stick, side button, game...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (1983)(Coleco)
Topics: ufo, saucers, fighter, buck, enemy, planet, alien, saucer, player, ufo counter, control stick,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: James Bond 007 (1984)(Parker Brothers)
Topics: parker, mission, drax, stromberg, rig, destroy, oil, craft, frogmen, parker brothers, oil rig,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Frantic Freddy (1983)(Spectravideo)
Topics: mode, iho, tho, game, skill, heroism, freddy, frantic, frantic freddy, extinguish, video game, game...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Mousetrap (1982)(Coleco)(FR)
Topics: vous, sur, les, pour, dans, cbs, souris, votre, jeu, une, des marques, deposees appartenant, chat...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Venture (1982)(Coleco)[a]
Topics: cartridge, coleco, game, warranty, treasure, bonus, controller, dungeon, plugged, player, game...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Pepper II (1983)(Coleco)(AU)
Topics: pepper, bonus, enclose, cbs, maze, tracks, roaming, zipper, points, game, control stick, zipped...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: River Raid (1984)(Activision)
Topics: fuel, warranty, activision, joystick, bridge, product, applicable, enemy, press, river, fuel depot
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Tank Wars (1983)(Telegames)
Topics: defeat, tank, scene, tanks, points, variation, enemy, level, game, ihr, points defeat
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Turbo (1982)(Coleco)
Topics: cartridge, coleco, extended, passed, warranty, cars, skill, indicator, game, extended play, cars...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Super Cross Force (1983)(Spectravideo)
Topics: spectron, laser, tho, game, lasers, ship, vou, iho, maneuver, morpul, super cross
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Lady Bug (1982)(Coleco)
Topics: lady, game, cartridge, coleco, points, bug, player, plugged, lor, lady bug, game option, power...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: 2010 - The Graphic Action Game (1984)(Coleco)[a]
Topics: circuit, hal, circuits, cti, powering, coleco, pulse, repair, mission, transmission, united...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Rocky Super Action Boxing (1983)(Coleco)
Topics: game, clubber, rocky, opponent, tor, punches, boxer, coleco, cartridge, game option, video game,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Carnival (1982)(Coleco)(M6)
Topics: het, del, vous, een, sur, die, che, score, video game, und, game system, colecovision video, het...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Monkey Academy (1984)(Coleco)
Topics: monkey, missing, cartridge, press, game, jump, shade, academy, side button, monkey academy, missing...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Tapper (1984)(Coleco)
Topics: soda, fountain, cartridge, root, game, sam, coleeo, ihr, root beer, player starts, customer served,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Tomarc the Barbarian (1984)(Xonox)
Topics: tomarc, senta, web, sword, joystick, caves, spiders, attacking, cave, ihe web, guide tomarc, energy...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Popeye (1983)(Parker Brothers)
Topics: brutus, ftpeye, ftopeye, platform, youl, appear, tme, screen, center, hove, sea hog
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Tapper (1984)(Coleco)[a]
Topics: ihr, root, soda, player, beer, fountain, nni, sam, game, skill, root beer, side button, player...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Robin Hood (1984)(Xonox)
Topics: robin, henchmen, castle, marian, merryman, skill, player, maid, screen, sherwood, save maid, video...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Carnival (1982)(Coleco)[a]
Topics: cartridge, coleco, score, rack, game, warranty, player, gallery, controller, pipes, game option,...
ADAM Second Digital Data Drive Owners Manual (1983)(Coleco)
Topics: data, drive, digital, second, dnve, drrve, pock, tor, pack, digital data, second digital, data...
Console Manuals: Coleco ColecoVision
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PrBOOT (1988)(Walters Software Co)
Topics: program, smartfiler, smartbasic, software, file, key, push, insert, media, files, smart key, title...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Lady Bug (1982)(Coleco)[a]
Topics: lady, cartridge, coleco, game, indicator, points, warranty, vegetable, controller, plugged, game...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Subroc (1983)(Coleco)
Topics: subroc, game, bonus, mystery, lire, cartridge, missiles, coleco, command, video game, mystery...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Dam Busters, The (1984)(Coleco)[mission guide]
Topics: dam, bomb, lancaster, air, bomber, upstream, squadron, dams, water
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Time Pilot (1983)(Coleco)(GB)
Topics: timeship, cbs, bomber, parachutist, cartridge, reset, jet, game, enemy, formation, black jet, cbs...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Super Action Baseball (1984)(Coleco)
Topics: ball, pitch, base, press, pressing, control, pitcher, runner, control stick, coleco, keypad...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Quickshot III Users Manual (1983)(Spectravideo)
Topics: spectravideo, game, international, accurals, colecovlslon, interchangable, specthavtoeo, spectra,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Lady Bug (1982)(Coleco)(CA)(en-fr)
Topics: des, votre, sur, jeu, une, jnoa, pour, cartouche, coleco, vous, vous permet, une partie, lady bug,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: War Room (1983)(Probe 2000)
Topics: laser, satellite, cities, city, raw, press, supplies, fuel, machinery, laser fuel, side button, raw...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Miner 2049er (1983)(Micro Fun)
Topics: bounty, miner, bob, tnt, jump, mutants, controller, cannon, elevator, lillipads, bounty bob, jump...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Victory (1983)(Coleco)(GB)
Topics: battlestar, quark, enemies, cbs, screen, laser, game, doomsday, action button, button, planet...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Illusions (1984)(Coleco)
Topics: gleebs, lhc, game, colcco, cartridge, jump, implied, press, gleeb, mirror dimension, game option,...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Space Panic (1983)(Coleco)(FR)
Topics: pour, sur, vous, les, une, des, niveau, jeu, voire, monslres, appuyez sur, les monslres, cbs...
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Super Action Baseball (1984)(Coleco)[Supplement]
Topics: runner, ball, base, runners, speed, action, button, fly, infielders, press
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Tournament Tennis (1984)(Imagic-Telegames)
Topics: lire, controller, player, ball, select, serve, press, button, lire button, hit, computer champion
Coleco ColecoVision Manual: Roc 'n Rope (1984)(Coleco)
Topics: explorer, golden, game, roc, coleco, flashlight, rope, bird, timer, golden bird, video game, game...
Smart Writer Easy Reference Guide (1984)(Coleco)
Topics: press, text, cursor, characters, screen, print, preset, arrow, store, margin, word processing,...